Secret Stitch Along: It’s fun but how does it work?

Starting a kit without knowing what the end-result will be. From previous successes we know many people just love it. The kit comes with all the quality components you are used to from LanArte but without a picture of the end result or the instructions to make it.

In order to participate, you need to register on Facebook or on our website (starting from August 23). Once registered, the fun starts towards the mid of September and will last for about 3,5 months. You get to stitch a  beautiful LanArte needlework/embroidery kit, that will only be launched to the public beginning of 2023.

As from September 23th 2023, you will receive weekly, during a period of 13 weeks, a part of the ‘Secret Stitch Along - 2022_2’ pattern  through our Facebook page or by e-mail.

Let the fun start and make sure you’re part of the success.

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